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Putting the “Study” in “Study Abroad” - Taken in My Room

I know, there should be a picture of me partying or travelling here instead of this, but I have something to say about this. Although Study Abroad is supposed to be the time of your life when you party and see the world, there’s a huge educational opportunity that I think some people push to the side. I’m honestly enjoying the classes I’m taking here, and I get to work with and learn from some cool and brilliant students from another country. At my freshman year orientation at NYU Stern, our then interim Dean Frederick Choi told us to remember one thing: “Work hard, play hard.” I’ve played pretty hard lately, its time I kept up the other side of the deal.

Shot on Canon T3i - 1/80 f/1.8 - EF 50mm f/1.8 ii

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